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A.A. Schenna

Amazon Best Selling Author

Let’s make everyone happy!

Have you ever wondered about the most pleasant activity for our souls? Is there anything that can make us feel wonderful?

Doing good works that help others or society as a whole and offering whatever you can -when you are able to support those who need help- is just great and admirable.

Philanthropy can include donating money to a worthy cause or volunteering time, effort, or other forms of altruism.

Christmas is coming very soon and sharing magical moments with your family and friends is a privilege that many people don’t have.

Let’s make everyone happy.

Broken Hearts & Empty Souls

A Portion of all of the proceeds of this book will be given to: The Epilepsy Foundation

Learn more and if you want support those who need our help.


There was no reason to fight back tears, she was in desperate need of someone who would make her feel safe and happy again.

For the last ten weeks she was strolling around the port since she had no idea what to do. She had lost everything, she didn’t have a home to stay.

Sarah was living a hell. A few months ago she thought she had more than she’d ever dreamed, but life had decided to take her everything.

The sunlight was her only friend because she had the chance to discover the next best place to spend the night. Being alone was hard, being alone and homeless was a tragedy that couldn’t be compared with anything else.

Her long, curly hairs had lost their glow while their golden color was just a memory of the past. She had lost weight and her big, blue eyes were swelled showing off her constant fatigue and despair. Although she was only thirty years old, her silver hair made her look older than her age.

She was wearing the same cloths for many days and she really missed having a hot shower and a bed to rest her body and her soul for a few hours.

She was hungry, but she didn’t care about food anymore. She was lucky enough to find support for her physical needs by strangers who wanted to help her with anyway they could.

Sarah took a deep breath and moved to the last gate of the port. She had seen a small cabin where she could stay warm and protect herself from the severe weather conditions of the winter. It looked like the house of hell since it was covered by debris and garbage, but at least she could hide herself from the dangerous and wild homeless men. They were unlucky people like her, but they were different because they would not hesitate to attack and even do worse things. She hated being exposed to criminal eyes…

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