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A.A Schenna

Amazon Best Selling Author

Authors and Editors

An author cannot do everything. There are so many things that you have to do. A good story isn't equal with immediate success. The manuscript will need work, hours of work. A good editor will “shape” your story and help you “shine” it.

Then again, a good publisher will get your manuscript out there. Publishers know their job. They know the channels, the “promoroad” and the rest.

But I admire those who dare. I really do. 



Just don’t stop. In my opinion, a writer knows what to do in order to overcome the obstacles of getting published. No matter what, don’t stop writing and submitting your work to publishers.


Precision is the key which opens all the doors…


That’s the worst phase a writer has to go through. Write, read and have fun. At the time you submitted your work, there is nothing else you can do. Try to forget the whole fact and move on!

The Power of Words

The gift of word hunters (Writers) is valuable.

When you have something great to share, words will come the right moment and you will write what you really want.

In our days, simplicity is the key for everything.

Writer of your Dream

Writing is one of the most amazing skills that someone could come across. Whether being a published writer or just an aspiring, best selling phenomenon, one thing is for sure. Writing can make you feel better.

Published or not, all that matters is the fact that you try and, then again, you try, try, and try. It’s a soul-destroying phase, but I think it deserves the passion and the positive energy you spend. Bear in mind that those who work hard never fail.

After all the hard work, you have managed to achieve the best of all. You have become the writer you always wanted to be.