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A.A Schenna

Amazon Best Selling Author

Thoughts In The Air

June 21, 2021


Can you remember the last time you really enjoyed yourself and did whatever you liked without feeling stressed and worried?

It’s very important to find time for ourselves and focus on our needs because there is no way to stand up and walk through the complicated and, sometimes, very difficult path of life.

Devoting a few days to do the things we love and miss is necessary and we should never ignore our desire to get past for a few days whatever keeps our minds busy making us feel nervous and tired.

One of the best seasons to get far away from your daily routine and find yourself again is summer. Now it’s the time to let yourself free and have fun.

The sun and the sea can do miracles. Summertime can surely change your mood, your feelings and your body. It’s your best chance to reconsider everything and rebuild the world you always wanted.

Summer is perfect for almost everything. You can start walking and meet new people, keep your relationship/marriage alive by taking breaths of change and relief, come across new partners, and heal broken hearts while being optimistic, having faith and believing in yourself.

Now it’s time to trust yourself and keep having good spirit without losing your hope for running into a better future and life.

Living in harmony and having the chance to enjoy carefree days is a privilege and don’t forget this.

Live it, have fun and treat yourself kindly and with limitless love because you deserve it and you needed as much as everyone else.

Hope this summer is the best of your life, and remember that life is too short so live it to the fullest.

And don’t forget to read books, a lot of books!